Saving Data in Flutter

Jan 31 2024 · Dart 3, Flutter 3.10, Visual Studio Code

Part 3: Reading & Writing Files

11. Storing a Text File

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After adding path and path_provider to our project, we are now ready to write our first file to the app. Like we did with SharedPreferences and FlutterSecureStorage, we’ll begin by creating a helper file that will deal with the reading and writing actions for our files.
So in the lib folder of your project, create a new file, and call it file_helper.dart.

Future<String> get _path async { 
    final directory = await getApplicationDocumentsDirectory(); 
    return directory.path; 
Future<File> getFile(String fileName) async { 
    final path = await _path; 
    return File(p.join(path, fileName)); 
  Future<File> writeFile(String fileName, String content) async { 
    final localFile = await getFile(fileName); 
    return localFile.writeAsString(content); 
Future<String> readFile(String fileName) async { 
    try { 
      final localFile = await getFile(fileName); 
      return await localFile.readAsString(); 
    } catch (e) { 
      print('Error reading file: $e'); 
return '';