Your First Flutter Flame Game

Mar 6 2024 · Dart 3, Flutter 3.10.1, Android Studio 2021.3.1 or higher, Visual Studo Code 1.7.4 or higher

Part 2: Effects & User Input

13. Play Sound Effects

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Notes: 13. Play Sound Effects

Here’s flame_audio’s documentation in case you need help.

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Previously, you learned about sound effects.


Flame also simplifies the needed steps to add sound effects to your game.


For now, just add flame_audio to the your pubspec.yaml. This package let’s you handle sound effects and you’ll be adding some soon.

flame_audio: ^2.0.5


Now, in MeteormaniaGame, you’ll have to load the different sound effects like you do with sprites.

await FlameAudio.audioCache.loadAll([
await'music/background_music.mp3', volume: 0.3);'sfx/laser.mp3');