Saving Data in Flutter

Jan 31 2024 · Dart 3, Flutter 3.10, Visual Studio Code

Part 3: Reading & Writing Files

14. Creating the File Screen

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Now that we have the screen that contains the list of files in the documents directory of our app, we need a screen to read and write the file content. We will call this screen when users want to create a new file, and when they want to edit an existing one.

final String? fileName; 
const FileScreen({this.fileName, super.key}); 
final TextEditingController _fileNameController = TextEditingController(); 
final TextEditingController _contentController = TextEditingController(); 
final FileHelper _fileHelper = FileHelper(); 
String _statusMessage = ''; 
final content = await _fileHelper.readFile(_fileNameController.text); 
 Future<void> _deleteFile() async { 
    await _fileHelper.deleteFile(_fileNameController.text); 
    setState(() { 
      _statusMessage = 'File deleted.'; 
void dispose() { 
void initState() { 
  if (widget.fileName != null) { 
    _fileNameController.text = widget.fileName!; 
title: Text(widget.fileName ?? 'New File'), 
padding: const EdgeInsets.all(16), 
crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.start, 
  controller: _fileNameController, 
  decoration: const InputDecoration(labelText: 'File Name'), 
void _openFileScreen({String? fileName}) { 
      builder: (context) => FileScreen(fileName: fileName), 
  ).then((dynamic _) => setState(() {})); 
floatingActionButton: FloatingActionButton( 
  onPressed: _openFileScreen, 
  child: const Icon(Icons.add) 
onTap: () { 
  _openFileScreen(fileName: file.path.split('/').last);