Your First Kotlin Android App: An App From Scratch

Aug 15 2023 · Kotlin 1.8.20, Android 13, Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1

Part 3: Coding in Kotlin

22. Return Data From a Function

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Currently, the Bullseye app generates a target value for the player to aim for. The player can then move the slider as close as they can to the target value then tap the 鈥淗it Me鈥 button.

fun pointsForCurrentRound(): Int {
    return 999
<string name="result_dialog_message">The slider\'s value is %1$d.\nYou scored %2$d points this round.</string>
fun ResultDialog(
  hideDialog: () -> Unit,
  sliderValue: Int,
  points: Int, // New Code
  modifier: Modifier = Modifier
) {
    text = { Text(stringResource(id = R.string.result_dialog_message, sliderValue, points)) } // Updated Code with points
  hideDialog = { alertIsVisible = false },
  sliderValue = sliderToInt,
  points = pointsForCurrentRound() // New Code