Your First Kotlin Android App: Polishing the App

Aug 22 2023 · Kotlin 1.8.20, Android 13, Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1

Part 3: Finish the App

23. Add a Custom Splash Screen

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Notes: 23. Add a Custom Splash Screen

At 05:19, update the theme of the starter <activity> node instead of the <application> node for it to work on Android versions prior to Android 12. There seems to be a bug with the core-splashscreen library that makes the splash screen not to show up for older Android devices like those running from SDK 24 and up if you update the <application> theme just like I did.

Check out the comments section of this episode for the full gist :]

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It鈥檚 time to add a custom splash screen for Bullseye. A splash screen is a screen that is displayed before the app is fully loaded. This will make your app鈥檚 launch appear to be faster.

implementation 'androidx.core:core-splashscreen:1.0.1'
<!--    Splash Screen Theme-->
<style name="Theme.CustomSplashScreenTheme" parent="Theme.SplashScreen">

  <item name="windowSplashScreenBackground">@color/white</item>
  <item name="windowSplashScreenAnimatedIcon">@drawable/splash_icon</item>
  <item name="postSplashScreenTheme">@style/Theme.Bullseye</item>