Saving Data in Flutter

Jan 31 2024 · Dart 3, Flutter 3.10, Visual Studio Code

Part 2: Use SharedPreferences & Secure Storage

05. Perform CRUD Tasks with SharedPreferences

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We are finally ready to write some code! From now on, we’ll work at creating “My Recipes”, the app that you’ll build in this course.

flutter pub add shared_preferences
import 'package:shared_preferences/shared_preferences.dart'; 
class SPHelper {} 
static const String _listNameKey = 'listName'; 
static const String _caloriesKey = 'calories'; 
static const String _showFileSizeKey = 'showFileSize'; 
static final SPHelper _instance = SPHelper._internal(); 
late SharedPreferences _preferences; 
static Future<SPHelper> getInstance() async { 
    _instance._preferences = await SharedPreferences.getInstance(); 
    return _instance; 
Future<bool> setListName(String listName) async { 
    return await _preferences.setString(_listNameKey, listName); 
String getListName() { 
    return _preferences.getString(_listNameKey) ?? 'My Recipes'; 
Future<bool> setCalories(int calories) async { 
  return await _preferences.setInt(_caloriesKey, calories); 
int getCalories() { 
  return _preferences.getInt(_caloriesKey) ?? 2000; 
Future<bool> setShowFileSize(bool showFileSize) async { 
  return await _preferences.setBool(_showFileSizeKey, showFileSize); 

bool getShowFileSize() { 
  return _preferences.getBool(_showFileSizeKey) ?? true; 
Future<bool> deleteSettings() async { 
    return await _preferences.remove(_listNameKey) && 
        await _preferences.remove(_caloriesKey) && 
        await _preferences.remove(_showFileSizeKey);