Kotlin Coroutines: Fundamentals

Feb 14 2024 · Kotlin 1.9, Android 13, Android Studio Giraffe

Part 2: Deep Dive into Coroutines

06. Use Coroutine Builders: launch, async, runBlocking

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Hi! In this episode you’ll learn about the coroutine builders: launch, async and runBlocking.

coroutineScope.launch { doHeavyCalculation() }
val result = coroutineScope.launch { doHeavyCalculation() }
Log.d("BuildersScreen", "Result: $result")
val result = coroutineScope.async { doHeavyCalculation() }
Log.d("BuildersScreen", "Result: $result")
runBlocking {
  val result = doHeavyCalculation()
  Log.d("BuildersScreen", "Result: $result")