Your First Flutter Flame Game

Mar 6 2024 · Dart 3, Flutter 3.10.1, Android Studio 2021.3.1 or higher, Visual Studo Code 1.7.4 or higher

Part 1: Getting Started With Flame

06. Challenge: Add Saucer Component

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You’ll use what you’ve learned during this course so far to define and add a new component called Saucer. It will be positioned randomly in the game’s screen like Meteorite.



Open lib/components/saucer.dart. Define a class that extends SpriteComponent.

import 'package:flame/components.dart';

class Saucer extends SpriteComponent {
static const double saucerWidth = 128.0;
static const double saucerHeight = 64.0;
static final Sprite saucerSprite = loadMeteormaniaSprite(0, 0, 128, 64);
static final Vector2 saucerSize = Vector2(saucerWidth, saucerHeight);
Saucer() : super(sprite: saucerSprite, size: saucerSize);


Now let’s add it to _world. Back in MeteormaniaGame, in addEnemies function, create a new Saucer.

final (saucerX, saucerY) = randomPosition(
  Saucer.saucerWidth * GameConstants.saucerMaxMovementFactor,
  Saucer.saucerHeight * GameConstants.saucerMaxMovementFactor,
final saucer = Saucer()
  ..anchor =
  ..position = Vector2(saucerX, saucerY);