Android IDEs & Tools

When you spend your life designing and debugging apps inside Android Studio, you want your time to be well spent! Learn how to use the many tools in Android Studio to debug and build your apps with a minimum of fuss. You’ll also cover how to build a release-ready APK and upload it to the Google Play Store.

Android IDEs & Tools

Learning path · 3 video courses (1 min)
Beginning Android Debugging
Find out how to debug your Android apps using the many tools available on Android Studio. Learn how to cre... more
Android Studio Tips and Tricks
Master the hidden gems of Android Studio to improve the speed of your development with these Android Devel... more
Publish to the Google Play Store
Learn how to build a release version of your app and upload it to the Google Play Store for testing and fi... more

After completing this learning path…

…you’ll have substantially improved your workflows in Android Studio and learned some tips on how to debug your apps efficiently. You’ll also have taken that final step and submitted your app to the Google Play Store! Check out the Software Engineering for Android path to learn about some critical tools that developers use every day to get their work done.

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