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Data Structures & Algorithms in Dart

Second Edition · Flutter · Dart 3.0 · VS Code 1.78

Section VI: Challenge Solutions

Section 6: 21 chapters
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i. What You Need
Written by Jonathan Sande

To follow along with this book, you’ll need the following:

  • Recommended: A computer with the Dart SDK and supporting IDE installed. The code in this book was all tested using Visual Studio Code, but IntelliJ IDEA is another good IDE. Read more at
  • Alternative: Any web browser that supports JavaScript. It’s also possible to run the code in this book online. Open a web browser and navigate to If you’re using a phone, you’ll have an easier time if you choose the desktop view in your browser page settings.

If you haven’t installed the latest version of Dart, be sure to do that before continuing with the book. The code covered in this book depends on Dart 3.0 — you may get lost if you try to work with an older version.

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