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Concurrency by Tutorials

Third Edition · iOS 16 · Swift 5.7 · Xcode 14

iv. About the Team
Written by Scott Grosch

About the Author

Scott Grosch is the author of this book. He has been involved with iOS app development since the first release of the public SDK from Apple. He mostly works with a small set of clients on a couple large apps. During the day, Scott is a Solutions Architect at a Fortune 500 company in the Pacific Northwest. At night, he’s still working on figuring out how to be a good parent to a toddler with his wife.

About the Editor

Marin Bencevic is a computer vision researcher working on medical images. His other passion is iOS development, and he enjoys working on cool iOS apps and games, nerding out about programming languages, learning new things and then blogging about them. He also has a chubby cat.

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