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Screencast Video Course
iOS & Swift
iOS & Swift Learning Path Trailer 2019
The trailer for the iOS & Swift Learning Path 2019.
iOS & Swift
iOS 10: Dynamic Sticker Packs in iMessage Apps
Learn how you can build your own custom sticker pack app for Messages, enabling you to fully control the b... more
iOS & Swift
Swift UI: Declarative UI
SwiftUI provides a whole new way of writing UI on iOS - declaratively - letting you tell the system what y... more
iOS & Swift
Coordinator Design Pattern: Simplifying View Controllers
The Coordinator Pattern allows you to construct your view controllers so they can focus purely on controll... more
iOS & Swift
Combine: Intro to Combine
Combine introduces a native way to manage asynchronous events in Swift, which means you don't have to ... more
iOS & Swift
Moving From Cocoapods to Swift Package Manager
In this screencast you'll learn how to migrate dependencies in your iOS applications from Cocoapods to... more
iOS & Swift
What's New in Xcode 11: Workflow
Explore how Xcode 11 changes your workflow. Learn how to make the most out of multiple editors and Xcode&#... more
iOS & Swift
Coordinator Design Pattern: Overview
The Coordinator is a great pattern to help enforce Single Responsibility in classes, allowing them to focu... more
The Future of Mobile: Android/iOS, Flutter and Native
In this Roundtable Talk, Kevin Moore, Kevin Galligan, Nishant Srivastava and Joe Howard discuss the state ... more
Android & Kotlin
Getting Started With Dagger
In this screencast, you'll learn about dependency injection and the DI library Dagger, and perform you... more
iOS & Swift
What's New in Swift 5: Syntactical Sugar
Swift 5.0 has arrived and with it comes some nice syntactical sugar to make developing your code that much... more
iOS & Swift
Swift UI: Building Custom Views
SwiftUI introduces a new way to build user interfaces - and you can even build your own custom views! This... more
iOS & Swift
What's New in Swift 5: Types
Swift 5.0 has arrived and with it comes a new Result type, ways to handle future Enum cases, and dynamical... more
Flutter & Dart
Flutter Navigation
In this screencast, learn about routes, navigation, and transitions for mobile apps written using the Flut... more
Android & Kotlin
Dagger: Network Injection
In this screencast, you'll use Dagger to inject a network dependency graph, eliminating code duplicati... more
Multiple Domains
What's New in Swift 5: ABI Stability
Swift 5.0 has arrived and with it comes one of the most anticipated features yet - ABI Stability!
iOS & Swift
WWDC 2020: Combine & SwiftUI
Combine Publishers have a new assign method that works with Published properties, and can also be integrat... more
iOS & Swift
What's New in Swift 5: Strings
In this screencast, learn how Swift 5.0 introduces several new improvements to dealing with strings.
iOS & Swift
Swift UI: Working With State
SwiftUI has multiple ways to deal with referencing state in your app and keeps your views up to date for y... more
iOS & Swift
PDFKit: Displaying PDFs
PDFs used to be almost impossible to display on iOS, but not anymore. Learn how to use PDFKit to display P... more
Peter Friese: Building SwiftUI Apps with Firebase
In this talk, learn how to build a simple, data-driven SwiftUI application that uses Cloud Firestore to st... more
iOS & Swift
What's New in Xcode 11: Testing
Learn how to take advantage of test plans in running your tests with multiple configurations to make your ... more
iOS & Swift
Reachability in iOS
In this screencast, learn how you can handle and detect Internet connection issues using reachability.
iOS & Swift
Swift UI: Previewing Your UI in Xcode
Xcode 11 has a great new preview canvas for SwiftUI that allows you see changes in your UI as you make the... more