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Swift Apprentice: Beyond the Basics

First Edition · iOS 16 · Swift 5.8 · Xcode 14.3

Section I: Beyond the Basics

Section 1: 13 chapters
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Welcome to Swift Apprentice: Beyond the Basics - the sequel to Swift Apprentice: Fundamentals. As you turn these pages, you’ll go deeper into the exciting world of Swift programming, exploring more advanced concepts. This book is your reliable companion as you navigate through intricate topics such as access control, code organization, testing, property wrappers, result builders, and concurrency. You’ll explore the nuances of value semantics, and tackle the often intimidating subject of memory management.

Your journey won’t be merely theoretical; each concept is explored in a Swift Xcode playground, helping you gain a robust understanding that extends beyond syntax and definitions. You will also be presented with important challenges that will lock in your understanding. Whether you’re an aspiring developer seeking to elevate your skills or a seasoned programmer ready to master Swift, this book is your stepping stone to the next level. Prepare yourself to be both challenged and enlightened as we delve into the fascinating intricacies of this powerful language.

How to Read This Book

This book is designed with the understanding that you’ve already mastered the fundamentals of Swift, thanks to your journey through Swift Apprentice: Fundamentals. Given this foundation, you’ll have the flexibility to navigate the advanced topics presented here in a way that best suits your interests and needs.

While the chapters are logically organized and can be followed sequentially, they are also self-contained to allow for selective reading. Feel free to hop from one topic to another, delving into the chapters that pique your interest.

Remember, this is your learning journey. You’re not bound to a rigid path. Each chapter is a standalone adventure in the vast realm of Swift programming, ready to enrich your understanding and sharpen your skills. It is best if you can have an Xcode session open to a playground that you follow along with and experiment around with. Don’t forget to work the challenges as they will really deepen your understanding of the topics.

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