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Multiple Domains New
Favourite Apps (V2, S2, E7)
It’s a roundtable whirlwind when Fuad Kamal and Franklin Byaruhanga join Dru, Suz,and Jenn to discuss and lis... more
iOS & Swift New
Unlocking the Magic of visionOS
Ever dreamed of building iOS apps that truly connect with users, pushing the boundaries of accessibility, imm... more
Multiple Domains New
Kodeco Podcast: XML vs Jetpack Compose (V2, S2, E6)
Dru and Jenn are joined by AlexSullivan and Filip Babic to help understand the transition developers are maki... more
Flutter & Dart New
Flutter’s InheritedWidgets: Getting Started
Learn how to implement InheritedWidgets into your Flutter apps! In this tutorial, see how InheritedWidgets ca... more
Professional Growth New
Layoff to Liftoff: Surviving Downsizing in the Tech Industry
Kodeco’s guide to surviving tech layoffs offers actionable tips on stress management, job search strategies, ... more
Multiple Domains New
Have Questions About Coding Bootcamps? Come to Our Free Webinars!
Sign up to meet your lead mentor, go over the curriculum, and get answers to your questions.
Game Tech New
Introduction to Godot’s AnimationPlayer
Learn how to create animations in Godot using the AnimationPlayer node. Animate sprites, orchestrate movement... more
Android & Kotlin New
Unit Testing Tutorial for Android: Getting Started
In this Unit Testing Tutorial for Android, you’ll learn how to build an app with Unit Tests in Kotlin.
iOS & Swift New
Build a Real iOS App From Scratch: A Free Workshop for Swift Beginners
Watch this webinar on demand and, in less than an hour, you’ll learn to build a real, functional iOS app.
Multiple Domains New
Kodeco Podcast: Getting Your App in the App Store (V2, S2, E5)
Professor Brad Ashburn joins Dru and Suz to talk about the trials and tribulations in his journey from writin... more
Android & Kotlin
Big List of Android Conferences in 2024
Discover the top Android conferences in 2024 and seize the opportunity to stay updated, network with industry... more
Game Tech New
Extending the Editor with Plugins in Godot
Embark on a journey to harness the true power of Godot with editor plugins! Revolutionize your workflow with ... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: Leveling Up as a Developer (V2, S2 E4)
How do you level up in your development career? If you’re interested in how to upskill from a junior-level de... more
Android & Kotlin
Gradle Tutorial for Android: Getting Started – Part 2
In this Gradle Build Script tutorial, you’ll learn build types, product flavors, build variants, and how to a... more
Android & Kotlin
Gradle Tutorial for Android: Getting Started – Part 1
In this Gradle Build Script tutorial, you’ll learn the basic syntax in build.gradle files generated by Androi... more
iOS & Swift
Interactive Widgets With SwiftUI
Discover how iOS 17 takes widgets to the next level by adding interactivity. Use SwiftUI to add interactive w... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: Putting AI to Use in Software Development (V2, S2 E3)
It’s all AI this episode as Mina Gerges and Dan Ilies take all three of our hosts down the rabbit hole to exp... more
Game Tech New
Introduction to Shaders in Godot 4
Discover the art of game customization with shaders in Godot 4. Learn to craft your visual effects, from text... more
Android & Kotlin
Jetpack Compose Tutorial for Android: Getting Started
In this Jetpack Compose tutorial, you’ll learn to use the new declarative UI framework being developed by the... more
Game Tech New
How to Translate Your Game Using the Unity Translation Package
Welcome to the wild world of localization, where Veggie Gladiators are about to prove that vegetables aren’t ... more
The Kodeco Podcast
Kodeco Podcast: Moving to Godot – Podcast V2, S2 E2
Dru and Jennifer are joined by Eric Van de Kerckhove to talk about the indie gave developer shift from Unity ... more
Professional Growth New
5 Reasons Why Upskilling Your Dev Team Is Critical for Growth
Stay ahead of the competition by upskilling your dev team. Discover how critical upskilling is to team succes... more
Game Tech
Using and Creating Resources in Godot 4
Any game out there needs assets like textures, sounds, and music to provide a fun experience to its players. ... more
The Kodeco Podcast
Kodeco Podcast: Let’s Talk Vision Pro – Podcast V2, S2 E1
Friend of the show Tim Mitra joins us to talk about the new Vision Pro coming from Apple! And he’s got course... more